Небольшое сочинение на тему моя мечта на английском. План Какая мечта Почему именно она кто побудил к такой мечте

Each person, the child or the adult, has dreams. I think that people who wouldn’t dream of something in the life, simply don’t happen. Dreams can be small and big, sbytochny and unrealizable, real and fantastic. I too have very different dreams. There is a lot of them. But my main dream while one – to become the designer of fashionable clothes when I will become adult. I understand that for achievement of the purpose I need to study well, therefore I apply all the forces to study. I would like to tell why I dream to become the designer of fashionable clothes. I have an aunt. Her name is Lena. She is the sister of my father.

Aunt Lena since the early childhood very much liked to sew. Now, when the aunt already adult, it is engaged in tailoring of fashionable clothes. When I was absolutely small, often took from the aunt rags of a fabric and sewed clothes for the dolls. I always liked to select to each other different elements of clothes, to think out to doll skirts, jackets and dresses of a frill and ruches. Besides, I always loved games in which it is necessary to cut out scissors paper clothes for a paper doll. I could dress up for hours a doll in different subjects of clothes, remove one, dress others, combine clothes among themselves. Not so long ago the father presented to me a computer game «Fashion designer».

I excitedly modelled different clothes, selected color of this or that thing, supplemented each thing with beautiful accessories. If the person aspires to the purpose, his dreams will be carried out. Therefore I believe that if I will try very much, my dream to become the designer of fashionable clothes will come true, and also other my dreams will come true also. I wish you good luck!

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