Помогите написать на английском текст как я провела зимние каникулы, , без переводчика!)

How I Spent My Winter Holidays. I’d like to tell you about my winter holidays. As for me I like winter holidays very much, because they are rather long and very funny. It’s so nice to have a rest from school. It’s usually very cold in winter.There are much snow and strong frost in winter. But this winter was not usual.

There were not frost, snow and cold. I didn’t have opportunity to play hockey, to skate, to ski, to play snowballs and to make a snowman. That’s why I think that winter holidays were too short. Anyway, I had wonderful winter vocations. They began on the 30th of December and ended on the 12th of January. It was nice to stay in bed a bit longer and not to hurry anywhere. I met with my friends and we had a nice time together. Sometimes we went for a walk, sometimes we stayed at home and watched TV and played computer games.

On holidays our basketball team went to Moscow to take part in competitions. Every day after games we went for a walk in the dowtown. There are a lot of places of interest which we visited. I enjoyed my traveling. During my winter holidays I celebrated the New Year Eve, Christmas and ‘Old New Year’ holiday. We had a great New Year party in our school. It was very interesting and funny. We danced, sang and played.

Before the holiday my sister and I had decorated our New Year tree with toys and lights. I think that New Year Eve is the best family holiday. That’s why I celebrated it with my parents and sister. We had a big dinner with a wide selection of tasty food. When the clock struck 12, we drank shampagne and wished each other a “Happy New Year». I was happy to get presents from my parents. On the 7th of January my family celebrated Christmas.This holiday symbolize the birth of Jesus Christ. It is religious origin.

So people usually go to church on this holiday. Christmas traditions are observed in my family. That’s why my mother prepared a festive dinner, which contained 12 dishes. They were milkless and meatless. It is a custom that the main dishes on Christmas are kutya, varenyky, holubtsy, salted fish and others.

Most of dishes are national and special; they contain many fruits and vegetables. Before Christmas I went to my relatives and broad them a “Holy supper.There are some other festivals in Ukraine such as Old New Year, which is celebrated on the 14th of January, and epiphany, which is celebrated on the 19th of January. We are lucky to celebrate New Year Eve twice.

In whole I am satisfied with my winter holidays. I had a good time and rest. My Winter Holidays Winter holidays are shorter than summer ones. They begin at the end of December and last about two weeks. It is so nice to have a rest from school. During winter holidays we celebrate the New Year’s Eve and Christmas. There are New Year parties for children at schools and theatres. Cinemas show children films and cartoons. It is usually very cold in winter, but frost and snow can’t keep children indoors.

It’s so great to go skiing down a hill. Boys like to play hockey on the ice. Many children go to the skating-rinks to skate. Small children play snowballs and make snowmen, or ride on the sledges happily. When the weather is bad, I stay at home and watch TV. There is always something interesting on during winter holidays. Sometimes my friends come to see me and we play computer games or listen to music. There is also more time for reading, drawing, making model planes and other hobbies. Holidays pass quickly and soon it’s time to go to school again. Мои зимние каникулы.

Зимние каникулы короче, чем летние. Они начинаются в конце декабря и продолжаются около двух недель. Это так приятно отдохнуть от школы. Во время зимних каникул мы празднуем Новый год и Рождество. В школах и театрах проходят новогодние елки для детей . Кинотеатры показывают детям и мультипликационные фильмы. Зимой обычно очень холодной, но мороз и снег не могут держать детей в помещении. (продолжение перевода в личной почте).

Внимание, только СЕГОДНЯ!